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Cherry Salsa has become one of our top selling products that customers from all over keep coming back for! It’s a flavor fiesta of tomatoes, cherries and a great blend of seasonings that add an edge of heat. One of our top rated products. 13 ounce jar.

How We Enjoy Cherry Salsa

Yes, we eat cherry salsa right out of the jar, but it makes a delicious base in many recipes, too. Some favorites are cherry chicken tacos and enchiladas, cherry chili, a late night snack with chips and pretzels and in our favorite guacamole recipe.


Allergy Information

We understand some customers have allergies that may prevent you from enjoying our products. We are also happy to answer questions and are excited to offer some gluten free and dairy free options. Please note that none of our products are currently gluten free certified.

Cherry Salsa is gluten free and dairy free.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

4 reviews for Cherry Salsa

  1. Tricia Lacey (verified owner)

    So delicious! We will order again!

  2. Kim

    Someone brought some to work. Best stuff ever!

  3. Marianne Bradley (verified owner)

    THE Best Cherry Salsa! I can’t keep buying this fast enough – my son eats it all the time, and if I’m lucky, I might get a bite or two 🙂

  4. Jerry Levine (verified owner)

    Truly delicious, I just ordered three more. Highly recommend!

    • ops

      Thanks for the comments! Glad you enjoyed!

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