Traverse City Welcome Box


Give a great big cherry welcome to the new neighbors, friends, or real estate client.



**Heat alert**

Please note that shipping in the summer includes challenges with the hot weather for orders containing chocolate.  We add cold packs at no extra charge to you to the packages.

If you are shipping to an address in Michigan, cold packs should be sufficient.  If you are shipping to any other state, be aware that there may be some melting and we recommend expedited shipping.  

Please call us for expedited shipping rates and we can process your order over the phone in this case.  Thank you!

• Milk Cherry Delights 8 oz
• Cherry Berry Deluxe Trail Mix 6 oz
• Michigan Dried Cherries 8 oz
• Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries 8 oz
• Cherry Sours 8 oz
• Dark Choc Covered Dried Cherries 8 oz
• Cherry Malted Milk Balls 7 oz
• Campfire Crackle 8 oz
• Sour Patches 8 oz
• Traverse City Cherry Coffee 1.5 oz
• Cherry Garden Salsa
• Cherry Festival Preserves
• Cherry Bing Tea (regular and decaf)



Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 5 in


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