Twelve years ago I received the most devastating news I could imagine.

I had breast cancer. 


Who timed this? I was recently divorced with full custody of 3 busy teenagers. It’s an understatement to say that the following year was the most challenging year of my life.

Fast-forward past the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The ordeal left a different kind of permanent mark on me. To my surprise, I discovered that I had become stronger, empowered, and a bit snarky.

So when I purchased Benjamin Twiggs in 2008, I used it as an opportunity to give back. Every October I donate 5% of our food sales to the Women’s Cancer Fund.

To date, we have donated almost $15,000 to this fund, which assists local women for non-medical expenses such as wigs, child care, rent, and transportation while they are going through treatment.

It won’t cure cancer, but it could make someone’s journey a little less painful.  Hopefully, it will make them stronger, empowered, and a little snarky too.

Julie (2nd from left) sponsors the Remembrance Run too!

-Julie Millen, Cancer survivor, owner of Benjamin Twiggs legendary cherry products.